IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering SAQ

The Swiss Association for Quality SAQ is accredited for Switzerland and France by the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) in the licensing procedure and is authorised to conduct the tests and issue certificates.

Obtaining the certificate is of particular interest to persons who have no training in information technology or software engineering, but who have to formulate requirements for IT systems or for the software in systems in their work.

Persons with this SAQ certificate master the basics of requirements engineering (RE). They are able to identify, evaluate, specify and validate requirements and are also familiar with requirements management techniques.


The IREB certification model consists of three stages that build on each other. The prerequisite for certification at one level is the acquisition of a certificate from the previous level.

All Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering CPRE / SAQ certificates are internationally recognised and have unlimited validity.

CPRE Foundation Level (FL)

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The CPRE Foundation Level is aimed at the advanced beginner in requirements engineering and includes the basic knowledge for this area as well as the methods and techniques used. There are no admission requirements for the CPRE Foundation Level.

Persons who have obtained a CPRE Foundation Level certificate,

  • are familiar with the terminology of requirements engineering / business analysis and requirements management
  • understand the basic techniques and methods of requirements engineering and their application
  • are familiar with the most common notations for requirements.

RE@Agile Advanced Level

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Profitably apply methods and techniques of requirements engineering to agile development processes and vice versa.

CPRE Advanced Level (AL)

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The Advanced Level is aimed at those who already hold the CPRE Foundation Level certificate and wish to deepen their knowledge in a sub-discipline of requirements engineering or business analysis.
The CPRE FL certificate is the admission requirement for the CPRE Advanced Level.

People who have obtained a CPRE AL certificate

  • are very familiar with the specific terminology of requirements engineering within the sub-discipline covered by the AL module and with the CPRE glossary,
  • masters the relevant techniques and methods of the sub-discipline corresponding to the AL module chosen,
  • have a sound knowledge of the sub-discipline comprising the AL module and has demonstrated this in a demanding practical examination.

The following three independent modules are currently being certified:

Requirements Elicitation
The techniques acquired at Foundation Level will be deepened, further techniques will be learned in order to be able to collect and consolidate requirements even more efficiently.

Requirements modelling
Correct use of graphical models to represent functional requirements.

Requirements management
Appropriate methods and techniques to effectively manage requirements throughout product development.

CPRE Expert Level (EL)

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  • The candidate must hold at least three CPRE Advanced Level certificates. Up to two of these certificates can be replaced, e.g. by university lectures on RE, certain certificates of another RE-relevant education (e.g. CBAP, BCS Diploma in Business Analysis, ...) or a comprehensive publication.
  • At least three years (full-time equivalent) of work as a requirements engineer in various functions and projects.
  • Activity as trainer or coach in the field of requirements engineering.


IREB prescribes an examination procedure for each level of certification and defines the minimum requirements for the examination environment. IREB also provides the examination questions. These are standardised worldwide and are available in various languages.

Passing the exam is required to obtain the corresponding CPRE / SAQ certificate. The certificates are valid indefinitely.


The examinations can be arranged and taken at your discretion:

  • At a training organisation (with - or without a course). Examination dates can be arranged directly.
  • at the office of the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality.
    Exams for individuals or small groups (maximum five persons).
    Examination dates can be arranged by e-mail or by telephone (+41 31 330 99 00).
  • Via remote monitoring on your own computer at home.
    You can find more information about the remote examination here.
    Examination dates can be arranged by e-mail or by telephone (+41 31 330 99 00).

The examination is carried out and evaluated by the IT Personnel Certification Team. The written confirmation of the result is issued 10 to 15 working days after the examination.

CPRE Foundation Level (FL)

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The exam can be taken in German or English. It takes place either in written form or online-based. The examination venue must meet the conditions postulated by IREB. The supervision is incumbent on a person authorised by the SAQ Personal Certification who is accountable for the proper execution of the examination.

The IREB examination regulations apply to the performance of the examination.

CPRE Advanced Level (AL)

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The exam can be taken in German or English.

The examination consists of two parts:

  • Written examination
    This is a multiple choice test of 75 minutes. On request, the examination time can be extended by 15 minutes for foreign language candidates. The test is usually taken directly after a training course, but can also be taken later, e.g. in a test centre.
  • Paper
    The term paper must be submitted within one year after the written exam. It should present a realistic project situation from your working environment and prove that you are able to apply the RE skills you have acquired.

The written exam will be evaluated by SAQ. You will be informed of the result in writing to the address you gave when you registered. An experienced IREB assessor will evaluate the paper.
After passing both parts you will receive your certificate.

CPRE Expert Level (EL)

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The CPRE Expert Level Examination Regulations define the scope of an examination and its procedure. The examination consists of the following three parts:

Part 1: Written application
The written application must prove that the candidate fulfils the examination requirements (see above).

Part 2: Term paper
The term paper must show that the candidate has in-depth knowledge of requirements engineering.

Part 3: Oral examination
The oral examination is a face-to-face meeting or a video conference at a fixed location. It lasts 90 minutes and consists of three parts:

  1. case (30 minutes following a two-hour preparation period). The candidate has to present his/her suggestions and thoughts on the given case.
  2. questions on requirements engineering related to the candidate's projects (30 minutes).
  3. general questions on requirements engineering (30 minutes).

The language for all three parts (written application, term paper, oral exam) is English.

The exam is considered passed if all three parts of the exam are passed. Passing part 1 is a prerequisite for participation in part 2, passing part 2 is a prerequisite for participation in part 3.
The SAQ will inform the candidate of the result of each part. In the case of the oral examination, the result will be communicated immediately after the examination.


Information remote examination PDF (239 kB)

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